Kista Science City are initiating an collaboration with Anne-Marie Fransson, former CEO of the IT and Telecom Business Association. She will, on behalf of Kista Science City, explore what is required to further increase the region’s attractiveness in terms of skills and talents in the ICT (information and communication technologies) industry.

The task is done within the framework of the Stockholm IT Region partnership. The County Administrative Board in Stockholm co-finances the process related to the governments assignment on a regional competence provision.

”The idea is that we will initially set up a concrete action plan with 8-10 proposals. Then we’ll see which of them that we can get started to realize. It will require us to work constructively as well as establish the ideas firmly within the industry, ”says Anne-Marie Fransson.

Johan Ödmark, CEO of Kista Science City AB believes that the assignment is important for both the region’s growth, but also for employers, both public and private.

”The need for the right skills is very large in the ICT sector, and it is perhaps the most important issue t in a increasingly tougher international competition. Of course, we also need to look more at what can be done.