Now the test with smart self-driving buses has started. It will run for half a year, and of course we are glad that we have got a project linked to our test bed, which is very concrete from the common citizen’s perspective.

Sure, cool technology and exciting possibilities. There is a lot to go on with here. Passenger behavior can be studied, bus stops will be made smarter and the traffic environment safer.

But what really makes me and my colleagues excited is something else. We usually say that innovations to 85% are about culture, leadership, legal issues and decision-making skills. The big thresholds are not in the technology. Thus – culture eats technology for breakfast!

And for us, this test is a really good example of a true triple helix cooperation. It would not have come true without coordination between authorities, industry and researchers. We need more of this in Sweden if we are to maintain an innovative top position in a world of tougher competition.

Welcome to visit us! We can sit on the bus and discuss innovation culture!