Welcome to a presentation of the ongoing
City development project in Kista
October 27th 08:30-10:40

Kista is growing and evolving. Old buildings are being demolished and new ones are being built. Constructions on the “Tvärbanan” light rail line to Helenelund and Kista is starting at the end of the year. While all of this is ongoing, the municipal city planners are working on a structural plan for the extended Kista Central Business District.

But what kind of place could Kista be in the future? With all of this going on isn’t it time to rethink and transform Kista into a dynamic and vibrant future?

Kista Science City, a subsidiary of the Electrum Foundation, have initiated a process to integrate the parallel development plans to strive against a common future of Kista.

You are invited to a seminar where a concept to fuel the transformation of Kista will be pre-launched to test and inspire on what to come!

08:30 – Coffee, sandwich and mingle
09:00 – Opening statement by Johan Ödmark, CEO of Kista Science City
09:10 – “Why do we need to develop Kista CBD?”, Mia Lundström, Process Director
09:20 – “It’s time to rethink and transform Kista”, Andreas Angelidakis, Creative Director
09:50 – “The structural plan of Kista CBD”, Lukas Ljungkvist, City planner, City of Stockholm
10:00 – Panel talk: Comments from the real estate owners
10:20 – “Kista – a world leading ICT cluster and future smart city”, Roger Mogert, Vice Mayor, City of Stockholm

Address: Isafjordsgatan 16, 164 40 Kista, Stockholm

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My warmest welcome, hope you can join us for this occasion.

Johan Ödmark
CEO of Kista Science City AB