Plans for a unique urban development project are well underway at Kista, a major IT cluster. Kista Science City AB has played a leading role in a new overall plan for the district. A new structural plan and urban quality policies are being developed in collaboration with the City of Stockholm and the major property owners in Kista.

Kista Science City AB is now hiring a process manager, Mia Lundström, to conceptualize the project in addition to and support of the development project to bring life to spaces between buildings.

”There’s already plenty to be excited about with our existing plans. However, ensuring that these developments go hand in hand with the heart and soul of Kista is a challenge. Kista is an area with a focus on research, innovation and development. How should this be manifested in urban development? This is something we want to find the answer to and put on display in 2024,” says Johan Ödmark, CEO of the Electrum Foundation and Kista Science City AB.

”The opportunity to work with Kista and all the values established there now, in collaboration with the business community, universities, visitors and residents is an amazing opportunity to put not only Stockholm, but also Sweden on the map in terms of one of the most crucial urban issues of our time – creating dynamic sustainable cities,” says Mia Lundström.