Networks & Meeting places

Networks & Meeting places

Lunch stories

To inspire and create curiosity about future career paths, Lunch Stories is a series of lunch meetings where students and business meet in Kista. This is an opportunity for you as an employer to connect with the minds of the future.

Upcoming events

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is the monthly breakfast event for the tech community in Kista. This is where we get an inside perspective and learn about cutting edge trends from researchers and developers in the community.

Upcoming events

Kista Outdoor

Exercise and movement engages people and bring them together. Kista Science City offers great opportunities to use the outdoors for new connections. Here we collect and gather the opportunities to use the outdoors for networking and movement – but also give you ideas for walk and talks, outdoor gym facilites or a lunchjog.

We Run Kista – Fun running sessions with professional coaches.
Mondays and Wednesdays during the spring.
In Kista Innovation Park you can also attend free Training of The Day on Tuesdays and Yoga on Fridays.
Pre-registration needed. Check out the calendar for details.

Kista Five   – Explore Kista.
5 routes,  free to join. Get to know the Kista surroundings in a wonderful mixture of calm nature and suburban life.

Upcoming events

Kista Insights

Kista Insights gathers special invited business leaders and researchers from Kista’s ecosystem to share ideas, expand horizons and get new connections.

In the February meeting we focused on talent attraction cybersecurity and emerging opportunities within space. More information here.

Welcome week

With inspiration and collaboration, from the student’s in Kista we are launching the Welcome week. The week ends with the yearly edition of Kistaloppet!


  • Campus Kista Lunch where the business community welcomes the new students.
  • After Work activities at the Hub
  • Show room safari inviting students to the worldclass show rooms and demo environments in Kista.
five students standing outside

Kista All Stars

Kista All Stars gather, celebrates, and recognizes people and businesses in Kista who have been awarded an influential award during the year.

Kista All Stars 2022
  • Abdiladiif Mohamed and Zakariye Salad, Diplocs AB (103 young ideas)
  • Alexander Stendahl, Info solutions (Deloitte Sweden ”Technology Fast 50”-list & DI Gasell)
  • Angelica Smedberg, Sisterhood, (ÅForsk Entrepreneurial scholarship)
  • Anna Carin Grandin, Coor (DI Most powerful in Sweden)
  • Atea, Finalis HR-team of the year, Human Growth Award
  • Climeon, (Winner of i IVA’s Smart industri award)
  • Deqa Abdukar, Bling (Journalistaward, Innovator of the year)
  • Diana Vasiliou och Alexander Vasiliou, Dansgymnasiet (103-list)
  • Emma Axelsson, QAdvis AB (DI Gasell)
  • Helya Riazat, rektor Järvaskolan (Female future leaders, Ledarna)
  • Hiba Adem och Safae Berrahmoune, Dyamo Innovation AB (103 young ideas, finals for leadershipaward Kompassrosen 2021) )
  • Jan Lindblad, Techtrade International (DI Gasell)
  • Malin Alpsten och Anna Carlsson, Bright Day Graphene AB (33-list, Best tech startup in Sweden, nominees for DI Female Founders)
  • Mikaela Larsell Ayesa, Hack your Closet (Forbes list ”30 under 30 – Europe – Social Impact”)
  • Permobil, (100 best innovations, Times)
  • Ulrika Nordén, IRNova, (THINGS Wall of Fame)

Connecting the community builders

Kista Science City has many different communities, hubs, coworking places, and networks, like Quick Office, Helio, c/o, Changers hub and A: Place.

We invite the community managers to meet, connect and plan together. Join our community for community builders!


Mikaela Färnqvist
+46 731 58 35 08

Mikaela Färnqvist


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Ny satsning ska höja kunskapen om cybersäkerhet hos mindre företag

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Sensorer i nytt samarbete för intelligenta trafiksystem

A new collaboration on traffic analysis using sensor technology identifies new solutions for the future traffic environment.

Sharing insights on trends and emerging opportunities

Leaders from the business & research community in the area met for the premiere of Kista Insight. A new meeting arena where trends and…

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Shaping the future of mobility with AI and multisensors

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Seeing through obstacles and around corners, the 5G Ride project rolls on

The 2022 5G RIDE Demo Day on October 13 gathered more than 50 special invited guests and project partners who got a sneak preview of the…

Focus shot of a drone flying in the city sky

Drones – a natural layer in the future transport system

What impact will the new U-space regulations, Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning and UAMs have on Swedish authorities and entities?

picture of the CEO Karin Bengtsson outside with some graphical Kista elements on the photo

Newsletter Kista Science City 2022

Good news! The future is just a click away. We don't want to brag about our newsletter, but maybe just a little. Because in a heartbeat it…

Urban robots and shared micro mobility

Test & demo activities for Fordonsdalen took off with full speed this earlier this year.

Peter Johansson from Arriva standing in front of a bus

Measuring traffic and people flows in Kista and Sollentuna

In Stockholm, car commuters may be forced to spend the equivalent of 16 days in traffic queues for one year. Public transport buses are…

demo van connected via 5G

The future of connected autonomous public transport continues with renewed strength

More fundings and new project partners as the 5G ride project continues.

Closeup of a sensor with the Bintel logo

The Internet of Things paves the way for smarter waste management in Rinkeby-Kista

In a new project, the district of Rinkeby-Kista, in collaboration with Kista Science City and two service providers, is testing and…

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Lessons from the Delta project

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