Give more students on Järva’s elementary schools a chance to meet and be inspired by companies and universities in Kista. That is what Kista Science City AB wants to support through a new collaboration with My Dream Now.

– My colleagues and I will set ourselves to talk about what we dreamed about when were young and about the exciting jobs we have today. We should also try to get more businesses and other employers in Kista to do the same. A lot of managements have social sustainability high on their agenda, and this is a way to make concrete use of that. Additionally, we know that the ICT sector is facing major challenges to attract talents so we are happy to help to increase the recruitment base. says Johan Ödmark, CEO of Kista Science City AB.

– The collaboration between school-working life needs to be much better, it is extremely important for young people to see themselves to get from school to work. In areas with the greatest potential, businesses, municipalities and other employers needs to support schools, engage employees and welcome students to visit them. ” says Jonas Bygdeson, founder of My Dream Now.


My Dream Now.

My Dream Now is a program run by the social enterprise Creador AB. My Dream Now creates inspiring collaboration between school – working life. Volunteers from company’s and colleges meets with elementary school classes. Employers offer employees to get involved and receive visits. Partner companies such as Tieto, KPMG, Fujitsu, Länsförsäkringar, Canon, Nordea finances the majority of the activities. My Dream Now started in 2011 in Husby and collaborates today with the 20 or so schools in Stockholm, Botkyrka, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg.

Kista Science City.

Kista Science City AB is a company that develops and markets Kista as an ICT cluster. It is done in close collaboration between government, industry and academia. Kista Science City AB is wholly owned by the Electrum Foundation and operated non-profit. The group includes the business incubator STING, Stockholm Innovation & Growth.