Urban Air Mobility for smart cities

Drones can play an increasing role in a more sustainable transport system and contribute to the reduction of emissions from the transport of goods in cities. There is enormous potential for urban air mobility solutions, such as surveillance, transport of material, or in identifying traffic patterns.
We are working closely with partners in several international initiatives to ensure that Stockholm takes a leading role in identifying, testing, and developing future solutions for urban drone services.

We strengthen the local and national ecosystem by networking and sharing knowledge with cities, authorities, and the business community.
Over the next few years, we will develop tools for urban planning, evaluate potential lifting and landing sites within the city and build an ecosystem that will enable drone traffic to become an integral part of our transport systems.


City of Stockholm
Bell Rock Advisors
Katla Aero
Drone Nord
Gate 21
Nordic Edge
UAS Norway
Business Tampere


Karolina Pamp


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