Building the future of smart and sustainable cities

We accelerate Stockholm’s transformation towards a climate-smart city through innovative partnerships, new ways of working and the use of future technologies.

We lead the way as Sweden’s premier arena for smart cities, activating a strong tech cluster, creating multi-partner collaborations, and bringing about exceptional results through realized programs and projects. Our multidisciplinary understanding of business, public, and citizen needs gives us a unique position as an innovation partner and creative melting pot for collaboration, which helps evolve sustainable cities.

Our partners stay at the forefront of new technologies, solutions, and ways of working. Together we establish strong, innovative collaborations between businesses, the public sector, and academia leading to sustainable solutions and arenas for discovery.


Kista is a great place to scale and develop your business. Aspiring entrepreneurs and startups have access to early support from Drivhuset, KTH Innovation and Sting, as well as Bling and Changers Hub.

Kista Science City works to connect scaleups and SMEs through networks and business support programs.  We connect actors and strengthen growth through innovation projects and processes for open innovation.


We are convinced that a better society is created together. In our community there are a variety of networks and meeting places centred on advancing and developing individuals and businesses.

Kista Science City the place where brilliant minds from a diverse set of backgrounds meet, learn, laugh, and co-create for more impact. Our community provides a variety of networks and meeting places, all centered on advancing and developing individuals and businesses.

Join upcoming seminars and events to connect and establish new relationships.

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