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Welcome to Europe’s leading tech hub. Kista Science City offers opportunities for unique collaborations between business, the public sector, and academia. We’re a community, meeting place, and testbed for new ideas and products, working together for the next generation of purposeful tech and business. 

Upcoming events

IDA 24

IDA 24 focus on the latest advances in intelligent data analysis, including AI, neural networks, statistical learning, and natural language processing

The Data Innovation Summit

Seize the opportunity to explore data and AI innovation at The Data Innovation Summit.

THINGS Get On Top Of Space Tech

Learn about the latest space technology and its potential to solve global challenges and create new business opportunities.

Latest news

Mobile world congress 2024

The annual world-leading event brings together industry leaders and innovators from across the globe to showcase the cutting edge of mobile…

Digital twins and real-world impact

Learn about how digital twins push boundaries and demonstrate real-world applications in areas like urban development and environmental…

Civil tech to power up defence

Securing funding and market fit can be challenging for startups. Partnering with the Swedish defense sector offers unique opportunities to…

Safety in the digital age

Emerging technologies and collaborative models hold promise in addressing the growing concern over perceived safety in urban environments.…

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