Small robotic cars on the ground
Autonomous vehicles

Urban robots and shared micro mobility

Test & demo activities for Fordonsdalen took off with full speed this earlier this year!

At a demonstration day in June, part of Kista Mobility day 22, smaller growth companies with solutions for autonomous robots and smart city infrastructure were invited to put their innovations on display for a wide audience of decision makers, researchers, public sector representatives and potential business partners in the automotive and ICT industries.

The attendees could dive into cutting-edge solutions aiming to increase the pace of transition, strengthen the innovation power and business development for the city’s mobility systems.

“AI-powered autonomous robots are reshaping urban spaces and city life already today. Cities are at the center of the technological changes fueled by the fourth industrial revolution such as automation and artificial intelligence. We see a rapid development of a range of technologies addressing urban challenges.”

–says Sara Nozkova, Mobility Lead at Kista Science City and project manager for the Test & Demo activities within Fordonsdalen.

The companies demonstrating their solutions in Kista, eg ABConnect and Teraki, showcased how autonomous robots can be integrated into the urban landscape to provide smarter and more sustainable, and effective solutions in many areas, such as last-mile goods delivery, and security tasks.

Collaboration is key

New tech solutions is not all. New solutions for smart infrastructure are needed in order to complement the new first and last mile solutions. Nektta and Livelo are two great example of Stockholm-based companies developing new ways to support people getting around the city in a sustainable way, and to re-think the concepts of shared micromobility. Shared micromobility is an innovative sustainable mode of transport that can replace short-distance travel and has the potential to provide many environmental benefits.

Call for action

Are you too a Stockholm-based small or middle-sized company developing solutions with the potential to transform the automotive industry and transportation system? Would you like to demonstrate your solution to a wider audience, or test together with a potential business partner within the ICT or automotive sector? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to