Sweden Secure Tech Hub

A national innovation hub for cybersecurity

Sweden Secure Tech Hub is a national alliance of science parks with the mission to improve secure digitalization in Sweden.

By joining forces we aim to lower the threshold for startups, scaleups and SME’s to approach and implement cybersecurity measures and strategies.

Through our science parks Sweden Secure Tech Hub will offer a full range of services to help companies build cybersecurity readiness without investing more than their own time. Beyond the standardized program for SMEs each science park has something unique to offer depending on the needs of the companies.

The key objective for Sweden Secure Tech Hub is to increase the knowledge and understanding of how cyberattacks and cybersecurity can affect business progress in both negative and positive ways. The hub will support and work with companies to achieve new internal processes, policies, guiding principles for future development and tools to test and validate new products and services.

Businesses enrolled in the hubs program are welcome to partake in physical and digital seminars, networking meet-ups, educational modules as well as off the shelf services within finance, tech and law.

The initiative is funded by the European Union through the program for European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH), Tillväxtverket, regional funding and the participating science parks.