SweWIN: Advancing wireless communications

Kista has been a driving force in the development of wireless communication for many years and this tradition continues with the launch of the new competence center Swedish Wireless Innovation Network (SweWIN). SweWIN is a major tech initiative dedicated to leading innovation in wireless communication and sensing, with a strong focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and fostering collaboration in the field.

Vinnova boosts Sweden’s innovation pace with a 387 million kronor investment in eleven new competence centers. One of these centers, SweWIN, will be located here in Kista Science City. As global competition in wireless tech intensifies, the center aims to be a key force in enabling Sweden’s commitment to lead, innovate, and foster collaborative platforms in this area. Central to their mission, SweWIN focuses on both promoting energy efficiency and championing the use of sustainable materials in the development of new solutions.

The initiative is led by Emil Björnson, professor in Wireless Communication at KTH. With years of experience and a notable track record in the field, Emil’s expertise and leadership are integral to shaping SweWIN’s vision. He reflects on the journey ahead:

– As society’s expectations on wireless connectivity grows, we need to keep innovating – and that’s what SweWIN is about. We’re uniting the Swedish wireless tech community to make real progress and push advancements, not just for faster connections, but also to build resilient and sustainable networks that are available everywhere and stand the test of time. By collaborating and sharing insights with each other, we aim to stay ahead in the dynamic world of wireless.

Kista Science City has a strong background in the field of wireless communications, and this aligns well with SweWIN’s goals. The history of innovative research and collaborative environments in the area made it a prime location for this initiative, according to Emil:

– If there’s anywhere that research within wireless communication should be conducted, it’s in Kista. There are numerous cutting-edge companies and startups right here, and there’s a drive for networking and tech advancement that fits perfectly with what we’re aiming for. I’m really excited to see what new innovations and partnerships will emerge.

In addition to KTH, the center will also have the participation of RISE, Ericsson, Saab, ABB, BeammWave, CellMax Technologies, and Northern Waves.

Welcome to Kista, SweWIN!