Accurate move their headquarters to Kista

The Kista tech scene just received a significant addition. Accurate, renowned for their expertise in connection technologies, electronics, and electromechanics, has made a strategic decision to set up their operations in the heart of our community.

Within their part of the tech industry, Accurate have emerged as Nordic pioneers.
Originally focused on designing state-of-the-art connection technologies – unique solutions in electronics and electromechanics for demanding environments, their range of services has grown significantly over the years.

For Accurate, the decision to move to Kista was more than just geographical. It was a strategic move to further their work with AI technology and IT security, as well as to tap into the areas deep pool of talent.

As Kash Taimoori, CEO of Accurate Consulting explains, “We see us relocating to Kista as an important step to further our work with AI technology and IT security, as well as an important recruitment base.”

Sales Manager Peter Unger adds, “There are clear benefits to operating in a tech-intensive district like Kista. The location offers opportunities for technological exchange and partnerships, which are essential for our continued growth and development.”

Accurate’s move to Kista Science City affirms their status as a leader in the tech world, including their connections to the defence and space clusters. It also boosts Kista’s role as a hub for tech innovation and collaboration.

Welcome to Kista!

Kash Taimoori, CEO of Accurate Consulting