The growing impact of space technology

Space tech is rapidly transforming our world, extending its reach beyond the cosmos to tackle pressing challenges on Earth.

One key area of impact is climate change, where space-based solutions can provide unprecedented data and insights to help us monitor and analyze changes in the atmosphere. Space technology is also opening new doors for business, enabling the development of new services and markets that were previously unimagined.

Get On Top Of™ Space Tech

At  Get On Top Of™ Space Tech, arranged by THINGS and Kista Science City, experts from various Stockholm-based companies came together to share their insights on the rapidly evolving sector. This forum highlighted the enormous investments that are currently being made in space tech research and development, and how these are fueling cross-industrial innovation. Topics ranged from the current state and challenges of space technology to what the future holds and the opportunities that this development presents for businesses and society at large.

At the event, Christer Andersson, Chief Vision Officer and Co-Founder of PandionAI, emphasized the economic impact of space data:

– The value derived from space data, especially satellite data, is immense and serves as a driving force for the economy. The ability to anticipate and mitigate issues, such as avoiding floods and reducing uncertainty in supply chains, showcases the transformative power of space technology in addressing real-world challenges.

As the discussion explored the broader implications of space technology, it also highlighted Sweden’s strategic role in this expanding field. Per Wahlberg, Founder and Deputy CEO of Ovzon, said:

– With a growing focus on space as the new domain, Sweden finds itself well-positioned at the forefront, thanks in no small part to contributions from Swedish corporations.