Internship opportunities

The collaboration between academia and industry creates a rich environment for learning and innovation. As 2024 approaches, many ocompanies and organizations in Kista are welcoming interns across a variety of technological fields. These internships provide students with the opportunity to work with experienced professionals, apply their academic knowledge in practical settings, and contribute to meaningful projects. This is an ideal chance for students from diverse backgrounds to gain valuable experience and advance their academic and professional journeys.

Explore these opportunities and find a project that aligns with your interests and career goals:

RISE Research Institute of Sweden

At RISE, interns can delve into a range of projects within the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analysis. From exploring the security of ultra-efficient UWB networks to unlocking the future of energy-efficient IoT and analyzing nationwide cellular network traffic, RISE offers a platform for interns to engage with key technological advancements.

For detailed information on all available projects, visit RISE’s internship page.



PandionAI invites interns to contribute to the development of AlertSat’s geospatial support. This project offers an opportunity to work on enhancing the user interface and data flow within the AlertSat Portal, a crucial tool for decision-making based on satellite data.

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Munters is seeking a Master Thesis Student within its Controls & Connectivity team. The selected candidate will work on creating sustainable climate solutions, focusing on areas like control systems, automation, and IoT.

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FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency)

FOI in Kista is looking for interns to work on diverse projects ranging from virtual gamma spectroscopic labs to defense analysis and underwater network localization. With a broad spectrum of opportunities in areas like software development, data analysis, and policy research, FOI’s internships meet the needs of a variety of interests and skills.

For detailed information on all available projects, visit FOI’s internship offerings for 2024


Excillum offers three distinctive Master’s thesis projects. These include exploring thermal drifts in x-ray sources, understanding the limits of diamond endurance under electron beams, and developing high-resolution x-ray laminography for imaging layered components. Each project at Excillum is a blend of practical experimentation and theoretical exploration.

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