Flasheye and Bosch join Kista’s smart traffic systems testbed. These collaborations aim to enhance urban traffic management and safety by leveraging cutting-edge AI and 3D LiDAR technologies. Together with other testbed partners, these companies will help advance the development of intelligent solutions and progress toward smarter and safer cities.


The testbed

The smart traffic systems testbed offers a unique environment for evaluating and advancing innovative traffic management solutions. Here, companies of various sizes, from all across Sweden and beyond, can test and refine their technologies in a real-world urban environment. The site is fully equipped with essential power and high-speed communication infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, including the City of Stockholm. It also has a structured process and framework to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations when deploying and testing multi-sensor equipment within the designated urban area.




Flasheye is on a mission to make cities safer with their project, “3D Detection for Safer Cities and Roads.” Utilizing advanced 3D LiDAR technology, they gather real-time data from urban traffic environments. Their high-resolution sensors create a digital representation of the environment, focusing on shapes and movements while safeguarding privacy by only capturing silhouettes and shapes.


“By monitoring traffic flow, identifying objects like slow or stationary vehicles, speeding cars, pedestrians, and cyclists, we can collect valuable data on size, speed, and more,” says Ida Rehnström, Deputy CEO at Flasheye. “This data is crucial for developing solutions that prevent accidents and optimize traffic management in urban environments. By participating in the testbed, we hope to gain valuable experience and contribute to creating a certified solution for smart cities.”



Bosch brings their state-of-the-art AI-camera technology to the testbed, offering real-time detection of vehicles and pedestrians. Their edge-based system processes data on-site, reducing reliance on cloud infrastructure and enhancing data privacy. With a focus on real-world conditions, Bosch aims to refine their algorithms for optimal performance. Their proactive engagement with regulatory bodies like The Swedish authority for privacy protection (IMY) ensures their solutions meet the highest privacy standards.


“The testbed provides a unique environment for collaboration,” says Anders Karlsson, PMM, CCTV at Bosch Security Systems. “By working alongside other leading companies, we can establish strategic partnerships, expand our industry network, and ultimately drive progress in integrating our technology seamlessly into existing urban infrastructure. We have already established several short-term collaborations within the testbed”

The future

Looking ahead, Flasheye’s and Bosch’s systems will help enhance urban management, setting new benchmarks for safety and efficiency. As these technologies evolve and integrate, they will contribute to a more responsive and adaptive city infrastructure, ultimately improving the quality of life for residents and supporting sustainable urban growth. Moreover, the collaboration between Flasheye, Bosch, and other partners in the testbed creates a strong ecosystem of knowledge and technologies.


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