Last week, a selected group of medtech scale-ups actively participated in the final workshop and graduated from our cybersecurity programme. They have acquired enhanced awareness, competence, and strategic capabilities to seamlessly integrate cybersecurity into their products and business models, ensuring competitiveness and future sustainable growth in an increasingly cyber-threatened business environment.

“We have been able to incorporate lessons learned into our business right away”

Our participants are now equipped with practical insights and tools gained from the programme, enabling them to immediately apply valuable lessons in their day-to-day work and strategic decision-making processes. Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the tangible tips and tools that can immediately be included in day to day business, as well as in more strategic decisions.

Throughout the programme, our scale-ups actively engaged with and learned from some of the most prominent experts in the field, including Marianne Rilde Björkman, My Söderström Bergdahl from Teknikföretagen, and Jan-Olof (JOA) Andersson. To conclude their journey, they took part in an cyberattack role play organized by Professor Stewart Kowalski, putting their newfound knowledge into action.

Read more about the programme and also about the industry day in corporation with Swedish Medtech.

The programme is set to continue in the fall, and we welcome additional scale-ups to join. For further information, feel free to reach out to Richard . Stay tuned for updates on upcoming programmes and future collaborations.