Safety in the digital age

Perceived safety is a growing concern in cities across Sweden. As urban populations grow and environments become more complex, these challenges underscore the importance of creating secure, inclusive spaces for all residents. New technologies and models for collaboration offer key solutions to understanding and addressing these issues. This evolving landscape presents a prime opportunity for small tech companies to play a role in developing smart city solutions.

In 2023, the Safety Lab (Trygghetslabbet) served as a platform for municipalities, companies, and researchers to collaborate and explore innovative methods.
Several activities and initiatives took place within the Safety Lab framework and this article highlights two.

IMY pilot measuring public safety

This collaborative pilot investigated grey areas in data protection regulations, aiming to improve public sector efficiency and service while protecting citizen rights and privacy. The project, involving Kista Science City, IMY, IoT Sverige, and the City of Stockholm (Trafikkontoret), utilized LiDAR sensors to assess the effectiveness of safety measures by measuring movement in public spaces.

The “regulatory sandbox” format guides in interpreting and applying data protection regulations and opens doors for small tech companies to navigate complex regulations. This investigative and dialogue-based approach offered valuable learning and sharing opportunities for participating tech companies and stakeholders. The final report facilitates further understanding and serves as a reference for future projects navigating complex technology and legal grey areas.

Forum for urban safety with IoT

A series of workshops, aimed to accelerate learning and problem-solving through collaboration, focusing on leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to address urban safety concerns with a specific interest in ethics and integrity. These sessions brought together diverse stakeholders to brainstorm, share insights, and pilot innovative solutions directly impacting urban safety and community well-being. Nationellt forum för trygget i stadsrummet

Lucas Uhlén, project leader at Kista Science City, explains: “Our workshops were designed to initiate a testing environment where the focus was on how IoT can enhance the feeling of safety. By bringing together various actors, we sought to enhance our understanding of how innovative solutions can contribute to a safer, more appealing society.”

Uhlén further emphasizes the importance of early legal inclusion: “Engaging with legal experts from the start ensured our initiatives were grounded in respect for privacy, setting the course for this initiative but also setting an example for future projects.”

A model for the future

The Forum’s inclusive and forward-thinking approach complements traditional project methods. Integrating various stakeholders and legal considerations from the outset offers a valuable strategy for responsible and inclusive innovation across different sectors.

The Forum has laid the groundwork for future innovations, demonstrating the importance of collaboration, foresight, and a commitment to ethical principles in the pursuit of public safety.

Opportunities for businesses

The needs-based pilots in the Safety Lab have opened doors for small tech companies to break new ground. By understanding the public sector’s needs, participating in pilots, and actively engaging with stakeholders, companies can unlock valuable opportunities.

  • Gain early insight: Gain crucial knowledge about the market framework and stay ahead of the curve by understanding evolving needs.
  • Influence the market: Actively participate in pilots to shape future regulations and standards, ensuring your voice is heard in shaping the industry’s direction.
  • Drive market growth: Contribute to the overall growth of the IoT and public safety market through your innovative solutions, fostering a safer and more secure future for communities.


Read the report Trygghet-i-stadsrummet to learn more about the projects and how innovative solution are shaping safer urban environment.