Together with Cassini matchmaking, we recently hosted the Cassini Space event “Exploring the EUSpace ecosystem”, showcasing the top EU space startups and scaleups from Sweden and Europe, as well as local space and non-space companies. The event highlighted the rapidly expanding field of space technology and the numerous opportunities it presents.

During half a day, we provided a dynamic platform for startups to showcase their innovative ideas, alongside presentations from leading space companies exploring the industry’s latest trends.

Tomas Jonsson, from the EU DGDEFIS (European Commission Defence Industry and Space) , shared insights into the European space ecosystem, a panel discussion on new business opportunities in the space industry, featured experts such as William Johansson, from the Swedish Space Corporation, Ted Elvhage from Rymdkapital, and Hannes Eder, from KTH Innovation. Finally, Fredrik Sjöberg shared OHB Swedens’ experience of the growing market of space.  “We have been building satellites for a long time and have the competence. Now we also need to find new colleagues as the market expands”, Fredrik explained.

Engaging pitches from startups as: HyImpulseNtentionReOrbitSuperAnnotateForsway, Ecaps AB, Neutron Star SystemsVimotek ABAcTLAbSDreamwavesPythom Space and Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH demonstrated a wide range of creative ideas emerging in the industry.

Another highlight of the day was the matchmaking session, offering opportunities for one-on-one meetings between startups, corporates, and investors, laying the foundation for new partnerships shaping the future of space tech.

Karin Bengtsson, CEO of Kista Science City expressed her enthusiasm saying, “We are thrilled to witness the energy and passion from this vibrant space tech cluster in Kista, and fully committed to continuously support the growth of this innovative sector in our community. Through events like Cassini matchmaking, we actively enable new collaborations and partnerships, driving the advancement of future tech and laying the ground for a tomorrow that is sustainable and filled with possibilities.”

The event was a joint effort between Kista Science City, CASSINI Matchmaking, and the City of Stockholm. CASSINI Matchmaking is an initiative by the European Commission aimed at accelerating the growth of the European space industry.