Exeger boost solar innovation in new Kista factory

Swedish deep tech company Exeger has made a significant move in sustainable energy, launching their state-of-the-art factory, Stockholm II, in Kista. This facility is one of the largest solar cell factories in Europe. Aiming to set a new European standard for sustainable solar cell production, Stockholm II leverages renewable energy sources and utilizes eco-friendly infrastructure and materials.

Unique technology

Exeger’s solar technology is unique in its ability to convert any kind of light into electrical power. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including self-charging headphones, speakers, and IoT devices. The opening of Stockholm II is a significant milestone for Exeger and the solar industry as whole. The factory has the potential to produce up to 2.5 million square meters of solar cells annually.In addition to its impressive production capacity, what truly makes Stockholm II stand out is its dedication to environmental sustainability. From day one, the facility operates entirely on renewable energy, ensuring zero toxic emissions. Notably, Exeger’s eco-friendly approach is further demonstrated by their choice to repurpose an existing building into this manufacturing site.

Settling in Kista

Located in Kista Science City, Stockholm II benefits from the area’s status as a leading tech cluster. Kista’s dynamic environment, which is deeply rooted in technology and sustainability, provides the perfect backdrop for Exeger’s bold ambitions.  The new location promotes technological innovation but also fosters partnerships, driving the company’s vision forward. Giovanni Fili, CEO and Founder of Exeger, shares his enthusiasm:

–  Producing at this scale, with world-leading companies as customers, will make Powerfoyle the new standard for sustainability and convenience in electronics. To put it into perspective, if the whole Stockholm II production was dedicated to remote control solar cells, that could substitute over one billion batteries, having a huge impact on the environment.

The Future Ahead

With the establishment of their new factory, Exeger isn’t just strengthening their standing in the global solar industry; they significantly boost Kista’s renowned ecosystem of cutting-edge tech innovation and sustainability-focused initiatives.


Welcome Exeger!