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Intelligent traffic management

Intelligent traffic management

Data driven decisions for smarter traffic management

To reach a climate-positive Stockholm by 2040 we need to make transport smarter, more robust, and more sustainable. If we could plan the transportation system in a data-driven way, that would lead to much more attractive public transportation, fewer congestions, and a more sustainable city.

Here real-time data is collected and analyzed through cutting-edge technologies like AI, Edge, Lidar and radar. This provides a better understanding of traffic flows, interlinkages between systems and aims to dynamically adjust traffic lights and speed limits to help ease congestion and reduce emission.


Lucas Uhlén



Stockholms stad
Region Stockholm
Velodyne (blue city)
Xense vision
Kista Science City


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GEO-based Multi-layer Environmental Modelling of Urban TRaffIC

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SMART is a project that aims to create more effective traffic planning, with focus on public transport.

The road outside Kista lighted up by headlights of cars passing by

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photo of a city road in kista

Sensorer i nytt samarbete för intelligenta trafiksystem

A new collaboration on traffic analysis using sensor technology identifies new solutions for the future traffic environment.

The road outside Kista lighted up by headlights of cars passing by

Shaping the future of mobility with AI and multisensors

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Peter Johansson from Arriva standing in front of a bus

Measuring traffic and people flows in Kista and Sollentuna

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Innovative approaches to safety

There are many factors that contribute to an attractive and safe urban space. How can we be better at continuously measuring and analyzing safety and the effects of measures taken, so that they really hit the mark? When producing new data how can we ensure that it is open and made used of by the different actors who contribute to making an urban space attractive and safe?

Safety Lab

Creating an open platform for innovation requires the involvement of many stakeholders bringing together different perspectives. In the Safety Lab we employ a systematic approach that involves gathering needs and insights, conducting market and trend analysis, facilitating matchmaking with startups, piloting initiatives, and fostering a collaborative environment for learning and networking.

In the first year of Safety Lab, we are exploring:

  • Innovative approaches to collaboratively gather insights about a location using sentiment analysis in the digital survey “How do you like Kista?” with Kista Limitless, Citycon, Byggvesta, Stockholm University and the student association DISK.  
  • What is required of a large organization to continuously gather and make use of place based insights in collaboration with the City of Stockholm.  

Forum for Safety in Public Spaces with IoT

  • Forum for Safety in Public Spaces with IoT (Internet of Things) is formed as a strategic project for IoT Sweden focusing on integrity. We will take a deep dive into legal and ethical issues inviting projects and Swedish cities to drive innovation with us.
  • We will explore how to collect data in public spaces without compromising with the integrity of its inhabitants in a pilot with Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY), the City of Stockholm and Internet of Things Sverige.

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Connected sensors to reduce garbage collection stops by 80%

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Safety Lab – Aktörsdrivet trygghetslabb

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Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility for smart cities

Drones can play an increasing role in a more sustainable transport system and contribute to the reduction of emissions from the transport of goods in cities. There is enormous potential for urban air mobility solutions, such as surveillance, transport of material, or in identifying traffic patterns.
We are working closely with partners in several international initiatives to ensure that Stockholm takes a leading role in identifying, testing, and developing future solutions for urban drone services.

We strengthen the local and national ecosystem by networking and sharing knowledge with cities, authorities, and the business community.
Over the next few years, we will develop tools for urban planning, evaluate potential lifting and landing sites within the city and build an ecosystem that will enable drone traffic to become an integral part of our transport systems.


City of Stockholm
Bell Rock Advisors
Katla Aero
Drone Nord
Gate 21
Nordic Edge
UAS Norway
Business Tampere


Karolina Pamp


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A new project will prepare cities for the next phase of the fast-growing drone economy.

drone in air

Nordic drone initiative

A platform for exchange of ideas between the Nordic countries and the rest of the world

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Focus shot of a drone flying in the city sky

Drones – a natural layer in the future transport system

What impact will the new U-space regulations, Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning and UAMs have on Swedish authorities and entities?

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles

Smart mobility solutions for sustainable cities

The way people and goods are moving in cities is changing, and smart digital transportation solutions are necessary to make our cities more sustainable. Autonomous vehicles can be one part of the solution and pave the way to more sustainable transportation with emerging mobility services and new travel patterns.

With a focus on public transport, we explore the possibilities of autonomous and connected vehicles in cooperation with our partners. Since our first project Autopiloten in 2016 we continue to build upon a unique collaboration between some of Sweden’s most prominent and well-known organizations within the fields of mobility and technology. Our partnerships with the City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm are also important success factors that ensure that the work can be utilized and transferred into a more sustainable transport system.

We are currently in the process of deploying and testing automated 5G-connected electric minibuses for public transport.  Our main objective Is to develop and demonstrate the safe monitoring capabilities of 5G technology. By removing the driver from the vehicle, we aim to release resources for Improving public transportation services


Region Stockholm


Eleonor Sjödin Turah


Funded by

Drive Sweden

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Photo from the side of the blue 5G Ride minibus with cameras on the roof

5G Ride

5G Ride is a concept for self-driving, 5G-connected electric vehicles used in public transport.

Two white cars parked outside


The project DELTA explored the possibilites of ridesharing as a part of public transport.

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More fundings and new project partners as the 5G ride project continues.

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